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21 Best Road Paved Bike Trails in Austin

The Austin area is a prime destination for cyclists. The city boasts numerous scenic road-paved bike trails dotted with forests, creeks, and canyons, among other picturesque landscapes.

These trails make biking more beautiful and refreshing, whether riding alone, with friends, or with family. This post guides you through the 21 best road-paved bike trails in Texas, Austin, their lengths, and what makes them stand out.

1. Southern Walnut Creek Trail

southern walnut creek trail best road paved bike trails
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If you are looking for a long, peaceful, and serene bike trail, the Southern Walnut Creek Trail is the place for you. It is a 10-foot wide, 7.3-mile-long one-way paved trail in the Govalle Neighborhood Park. 

Additionally, it is a multi-use facility characterized by lush green trees along its flatland, hill, and water-bodied landscape. Such a mix of nature provides an enjoyable riding environment. 

The trail runs from Govalle Park to the Walnut Creek Sports Park at Johnny Morris Road and Daffan Lane. It accommodates different users, such as beginners, intermediates, and pros.

2. Brushy Creek Regional Trail

bushy creek regional trail best cycling paved bike path Austin
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Brushy Creek Regional Trail is a 10.4-mile bike path with several other trailheads beginning at Brushy Creek Road. However, the main one ends at Twin Lake Park.

And if you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the trail due to its extensive natural scenes. Also, the parks provide swimming and splash pads. Therefore, if you want to combine biking with water activities, this is the place. 

The bike path is ideal for casual bikers and is an easy-to-moderate trail that even beginners can cover.

3. Shoal Creek Trail

shoal creek trail bikeway daytime best bikeway Austin
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Running from Cesar Chavez in St. Austin to W. 38th Street is the 4-mile Shoal Creek Trail. It’s a great place for biking, exercising, and getting some fresh air while on a solo walk or with your dog.

It is one of the city’s oldest trails, built in the 1960s, attracting bikers from the city and the countryside. 

The terrain varies from parks, canyons, and open ground, with the trail comprised of paved, gravel, and dirt giving you the ultimate biking experience.

It is ideal for all bikers but will primarily fit beginners looking for a mild but challenging trail.

4. Northern Walnut Creek

northern walnut creek bike trail best bike path Austin
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The Northern Walnut Creek Trail was opened to the public in 2014 and is considered a moderately challenging bike trail. It is a 7.3-mile-long trail connecting Baltimore District Park and Walnut Bluffs Trailhead.

Averagely, it will take you 2 hours and 18 minutes to complete it, with its steep estimated to be between 8% and 12%. But to make riding easier, it is mostly shaded and friendly for wheelchair use.

Nevertheless, works on it are incomplete, but once done, it will be a 10-foot wide trail and provide more functionality.

5. Lance Armstrong Bikeway (Crosstown Greenway)

lance amstrong bikeway best bike paths for cycling Austin
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Located in Texas State and Travis county is the 5.4-mile-long Lance Amstrong Bikeway, otherwise known as the Crosstown Greenway. Its surface consists of concrete and asphalt, giving you a smooth ride.

It starts at Deep Eddy Park at Lake Austin Boulevard and ends at Veterans Drive south of Lake Austin Blvd and Montopolis Drive south of the Colorado River in Austin. It also connects to Shoal creek at the Seaholm development project site.

Biking along this trail allows you to enjoy the beautiful community, natural scenes, and enough space to collaborate with other bikers.

6. The Veloway

the veloway bike path austin
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The Veloway is a Circle C Ranch Metropark-located bike trail that ends at La Crosse Avenue and La Crosse Avenue. It’s 3.1 miles long, meaning enough length to experience its mixed terrain and beauty.

The trail is wide enough at 23 feet, allowing cyclists room to pass each other comfortably, so you do not have to worry if a cyclist ahead of you is a slow rider. Additionally, it is lined with trees and benches, which beautifies it all the more.

It opens from 5.00 AM to 10.00 PM and is perfect for practicing racers and casual riders. Furthermore, the trail has basic rules, such as no alcoholic drinks and a strict clockwise-riding direction.

7. Johnson Creek Hike and Bike Trail

johnson creek bike trail best bikeways austin
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Located in Travis County and Texas State is the concrete-paved Johnson Creek Hike and Bike Trail

It is a 3.1-mile-long trail beginning at Veteran Drive up to Enfield Road and Veterans Drive passing through overpasses, tunnels, and bridges. 

Such features make it perfect for bikers looking for an action-like trail that makes you feel like a superman after a successful round. However, it does not mean casual or old bikers will not enjoy it.  

If you arrive in a vehicle, you will find ample parking at Veterans Drive and Atlanta Street on the trail’s southern part.

8. Onion Creek Hike and Bike Trail

onion creek bike trail best bike paths austin Texas
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The Onion Creek Hike and Bike Trail is a moderate to easy 6 km bike trail near Del Valle. It runs from Upper McKinney Falls through Onion Creek and terminates near Smith Visitor Center.

Being a loop route type, it meanders through the creek, giving you the most beautiful views of Austin. And if you want an outdoor exercise space, it will serve you excellently. 

Additionally, Onion Creek Hike and Bike offer an urban and rural biking experience. This means it’s perfect for people who want to escape the city without venturing too far from home.

9. Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail

Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail cycling austin
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The Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail is a 4.9-mile-long singletrack trail in Austin, Texas, starting near the Trautwein Homestead. The paved trail is accessible by car or foot and has an easy to moderate grade. Apart from biking, you can also hike and horse ride.

The trail is characterized by pocket-sized ecosystems such as woodlands, hills, and prairies, making your riding intimate. 

Furthermore, it is paved with concrete steps, has benches, is suitable for all ages, and is open year-round except for holidays and inclement weather.

10. Violet Crown Trail

Violet Crown Trail 21 best paved bike paths in Austin
Image Credit: Violet Crown Trail

Described as the first regional trail, the Violet Crown Trail will be a 30-mile-long paved bike trail cutting through Barton Creek Wilderness Park into Hays County. Currently, it is 13 miles long, and developments are ongoing.

The entire route consists of 6 trailheads in different directions, each giving you a different experience of nature and biking. Overall, it is an easy trail that anyone can take.

However, beware of some challenging sections, especially when it rains or if your bike is not ideal for rugged terrains.

11. Juniper Ridge Trail Pedernales Falls State Park

Juniper Ridge Trail Pedernales Falls State Park daytime trees paved bike path cycling
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Suited for mountain bike owners is the 0.6-mile-long Juniper Ridge Trail Pedernales Falls State Park. It features a rugged terrain ideal for testing your mountain bike’s tenacity and riding prowess.

Hikers also frequent the trail, so you should be careful with your speed. Nevertheless, this is not a con for some as they view it as an opportunity to hone their obstacle-avoiding skills. This means it is ideal for those looking to improve their MTB skills.

The trail is near Johnsons City and part of the larger Pedernales Falls State Park MTB Loop.

12. Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail

Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bikeway cyclist paved bike paths austin
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Touted as one of the best road-paved bike trails in Austin is the 10-mile Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail. It is also known as the Lady Bird Lake Trail, passing through Austin’s heart and featuring river-paved trails and a lake’s boardwalk.

It also has sun-exposed and shaded areas to make it friendly, especially when riding under the summer heat. After finishing the circuit, you can sit on one of the green spaces for a picnic or rest before returning home. 

With these features, Roy and Ann is suitable for group or solo biking.

13. Bee Cave Park Loop

bee cave park loop paved bike path best cycling austin texas
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Bee Cave Park Loop is an all-year-round open bike trail with a 1.4-mile length. Most road bikers consider it an easy trail as it takes half an hour to complete.

Thus, it is best for beginners, children, or groups. The park and surrounding landscape make it excellent for slow rides as you marvel at nature. 

Even though located inside Bee Cave Park and near the city, it allows for an escape from the bustle of the town, thereby cooling you off.

14. Goodwater Loop

Goodwater loop paved bike trail blue sky trees
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If you are rearing to go and want a challenging paved trail, the Goodwater Loop is a must-try. This is a 26.9-mile-long loop that will take over nine hours to complete.

It starts at Cedar Break Park and ends at Tejas Park, although there are other breakout trails leading to different areas worth exploring. The entire trail is accessible all year round and is ideal for families with children or those looking for a leisure bike ride through nature.

15. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Creek Greenbelt bikeway daytime best location austin
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Considered a multi-use trail, Barton Creek Greenbelt is a 13.8-mile trail located in Texas and is mostly a single track. Still, you will find a mix of paved, gravel, and dirt making it ideal for all rider levels.

The trail covers Barton Creek Wilderness Park in the city’s southwest direction. The trail is separated into two sections; the HOF Stage 1, which is 526m, and the MoPac Bridge Connector section, which is 1.1 km.

The former is a one-way route, while the second is a two-way trail and is excellent for anyone looking for an easy biking challenge.

16. Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Emma Long Metropolitan Park bikeway man standing pointing daytime cycling austin
Image Credit: Austin Parks Foundation

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a great place to ride your bike. The park has a cumulative of 9-mile long trails crisscrossing the park providing enough space for any bike enthusiast.

Some of the trails are challenging, while others are easy to conquer, meaning the park’s trails are friendly to novices and veterans.

It features a mix of terrain, whether you’re looking for an easy or challenging ride. The park has various trails ranging from flat and smooth to steep climbs, so there’s something for everyone. 

You can also enjoy the view from the hillside above the trailhead if you have time. And if you are planning on bringing your kids along on this trip, ensure they are wearing helmets.

17. Homestead Trail

Homestead Trail bike path daytime best paved austin
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Covering 3.1 miles, the Homestead Trail is considered one of the best bike trails for history discovery. It is a moderately easy trail that anyone can complete, even as you discover the past.

It gives you a suburban feel as you bike through the larger McKinney Falls, over the hills, with chirping birds and fresh air. This makes it suitable if you are a couple or a family looking for a unique experience.

18. Tanglewood Park Loop Bike Trail

Tanglewood Park Loop Bikeway daytime sunny cycling austin
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Tanglewood Park Loop Bike Trail is a 6-feet wide and 0.5-mile-long loop trail in Tanglewood Park. It is an easy route anyone can complete, with most individuals taking about 12 minutes.

It is ideal for solo or group biking or if you are looking for a park-filled riding adventure.

19. Cherrywood Bike Trail

Cherrywood Bike Trail Sunset best paved bike path location austin
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Starting at Alamo Pocket Park and ending at 2100 Alamo Street, 78722, the Cherrywood Park Bike Trail is a 45-minute or 5-mile long bike trail in North Central East Austin. 

It is an easy trail anyone can complete as it is mostly flat and passes through a quiet neighborhood. It also passes through Mueller Lake, where you can stop for a swim or other water activities.

The scenery is beautiful, comprising the park, lake, and quiet neighborhood.

20. Wells Branch Hike and Bike Trail

Wells Branch Bike Trail perfect cycling daytime austin
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The Wells Branch Trail is a 4.7-mile-long trail from the North end to Willow Bend Park and Thermal Drive in Texas State. It is a mix of crushed stone and concrete and can easily be used by bikers across all levels.

It cuts through Austin’s neighborhood, connecting parks, soccer fields, and pools. This connectivity makes it the area’s most popular trail.

21. 71 Shared Use Path

71 Shared Use Path for cycling best austin
Image Credit: TrailLink

Try the easy 71 Shared Use Path Trail if you need a relaxing and no-hassle bike trail. It is an 8-feet wide and 6.9 km long path-to-path trail running along SH 71 between US 183 and SH 130 with connections to 183 Trail and the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Along the way, there are spots for recreational activities to up your adventures. In addition, it is mostly gentle, with no challenging hills or steep descents. 

And as the name suggests, it is a shared paved path between pedestrians and cyclists.


These are some of the best road-paved bike trails in Austin, but the list is growing, especially with some under renovation and others being built.

Nonetheless, each of the mentioned trails is worth trying out if you are tired of casual biking around your home.

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