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OBOVA is an USA trademarked brand for bicycle bags. Designed by cyclists, for cyclists. We're committed to delivering high-quality products and customer satisfaction. 

obova bicycle bags

2024 New Design Bike Handlebar Bags with Rain Cover

Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Bike Under Seat Bag

Bike Frame Bag


Our Story

An Authentic Brand

OBOVA was rooted from a passion for healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities, especially cycling, and the realisation of the demand for quality bicycle bags that truly solve cyclists’ problems and help them enjoy their rides at peace of mind. 

The key to our success is the understanding of cyclists’ needs and wants as well as their pains.  We never stop the conversation with...


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    Bill Scheer

    OBOVA bike bag - excellent, in all ways and dimensions

    A bike handle bar bag - deserves a glowing review. Well made, incorporates what's needed for real world use, but leaves out pointless gimmicks.
    A brief tour; the top, clear plastic phone pouch (i-Phone 11 Pro (in a case) fits just fine. Under the top adequate dry storage for an active day out. On each side, small pouch areas suitable for car fob, house keys and such. Front patch, Velcro secured quick access pouch - for whatever.
    Truly well thought out design, excellent choice of materials, rugged zippers, water resistant - and includes a coverall raincoat.
    The only bike bag you will ever need.

    *photo for illustration purposes only

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