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How I Lost 5 Pounds In 2 Weeks By Cycling

How to Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks by Cycling

Cycling ranks high among high-intensity exercise routines since it directly affects your cardiovascular system. If you do it consistently, you not only improve your heart health but also burn calories. It is an effective weight management strategy. The following piece gives you a practical insight into losing 5 pounds in two weeks by cycling.

My Story of Losing Weight by Cycling

Losing weight is no easy feat. If you are reading this, chances are you have tried several options without success. Welcome to the world of cycling. It may seem impossible but losing 5 pounds in two weeks by cycling is very much possible. I have achieved it!

The experience was worthwhile because although the goal was to get rid of the extra weight, I also enjoyed it. I am a seasoned freelancer and copywriter, and therefore spend most of my time behind the screen. You are bound to gain weight if all you do is sit and eat. So, yeah. I gained weight pretty much fast. 

I tried reducing weight by going to the gym and indulging in evening jogs without success. The dedication and time demand are overwhelming. However, I have a passion for cycling, and a little research helped me gain tips on losing weight through cycling. The strategy, methods, and tips outlined below helped me reduce my weight from 155 to 149.4 pounds. That is a whopping 5.6 pounds in just two weeks!

The Lesson I've Learnt From Cycling For Weight Loss

The lessons learned along this rigid process include:

  • Cycling is a reliable way of losing weight.
  • To maintain the desired weight, you have to be willing to sacrifice time for practice and remember to eat healthily.
  • It’s not just about cycling. You also need to have passion and dedication.

However, just like any other process, you are bound to experience some challenges, demotivation being one of them. Fatigue, muscle pains, and lack of dedication may also undermine the whole process. You, therefore, have to go the extra mile to be successful. An easy way of achieving this is by following a strict protocol.

Do you require a specific strategy? Yes. Are there tactics/ methods that work efficiently? Yes. Read on to find out more.

The Strategies To Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks by Cycling

  1. If you wish to lose 5 pounds or even more, you need a clear plan to help you focus. I have prepared an overall strategy to help you lose those extra pounds in just two weeks:
  2. Set a realistic goal. Choose a target weight where you can use Body Mass Index as your guide. It allows you to formulate a healthy target weight.
  3. Commute by bike if you do not have the time to cycle freely.
  4. Aim to lose at least two and a half pounds every week.
  5. Add a minimum of two high-intensity cycling sessions per week.
  6. Get plenty of sleep to enhance muscle repair.
  7. Keep track of your progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction.
  8. Eat little and often.
  9. Incorporate some cross-training into your routine. Yoga or may be swimming to help relax your muscles and tendons.
  10. Avoid processed food and sugar.
  11. Take plenty of vegetables and fruit. Include lean protein.
  12. Do not override.
  13. Enjoy the ride!

9 Tips To Keep You Stay On Track

1. Pay Attention to Your Diet

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Although you will later find out that cycling helps you lose weight fast, your diet plays a significant role in helping you achieve this feat. Keep your diet under control. Reduce your caloric intake by ensuring that the number of calories is lower than the quantity your body needs to maintain your current weight.

Remember that one pound of fat accrues 3500 calories. Managing your diet contributes to weight loss since you eliminate 500 calories each day and 1 pound throughout the week. 

2. Adjust the Gears

Bicycles have many gears, with some featuring 20 to 30 selections. Basic cycling exercises require approximately eight. Start cycling using the low ones as they have a higher resistance. You, therefore, need more energy to pedal. As you cover more distance, you have the option of increasing the gear level to help you cope with the tiredness.

3. Choose A Challenging Terrain

person cycling hill choose a challenging terrain

The terrain you choose to do your cycling influences the number of calories you will burn. Choose one that goes straight up, and you will lose more pounds. The distance you will cover uphill depends on:

  • Your cycling efficiency
  • Level of gears you are using
  • Your body size. If you are heavier, you are sure to burn more calories.

4. Cycle Regularly

Cycle regularly and get the guarantee of burning more calories each day. It is all about consistency and dedication. I recommend you dedicate around 300 minutes of cycling per week, and you will be amazed at how fast you are slashing those pounds

5. Increase Your Speed

Pedal fast and burn more calories. Here is a brief review of how speeds directly influence the number of calories burnt in two hours for a rider weighing 155 pounds:

  • 10 to 12 mph burns approximately 844 calories
  • 14 to 15 mph burns 1408 calories
  • 16 to 19 mph sizzles 1688 calories

For this tactic to work, you will have to cycle along flat terrain and not just speed your way downhill.

6. Distance

Covering more distance while maintaining speed is an efficient way of burning extra calories. For example, if you covered 5km the previous day, ensure you cover more the next time you ride.

7. Snacking

It’s a proper routine to take some snacks while cycling as they help maintain a consistent energy level. Aim to take around 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates after every hour. There are a wide variety of recommended snacks, but I would advise you to consider the following:

  • A banana
  • Low fiber large cereal bar
  • Jellied sweets
  • Carbohydrate energy gels
  • 500ml isotonic sports drink
  • Caffeine

8. Hydrate

ice cup water table hydrate cycling

Achieve proper cycling hydration by drinking small amounts of water after every 15 minutes of pedaling. You replenish the fluids lost through sweating. Consequently, you remain focused and improve your stamina, allowing you to cover more distance and burn more calories.

Hydrate after the ride. Consume electrolyte-rich drinks. Recovery hydration allows you to restore normal carbohydrate levels. Additionally, consume proteins to enhance muscle repair.

9. Resting

You have to rest after cycling. Do not engage in any other form of exercise after riding. Rest helps your body repair. First, take a shower, take a balanced diet to help regain your energy, and take a nap. Sleep for at least eight hours. It ensures you get maximum rest.

Staying Committed To the Plan

The above tips and methods will not work if you are not committed to the strategy. There are various ways of ensuring you stay on track:

  • Set a daily alarm
  • Join a group (could be friends or family) who wish to lose weight through cycling
  • Plan and incorporate riding into your routine
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