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5 Crucial Road Cycling Techniques for Beginners

After watching your favourite pro cyclist win a road race, you dream of attaining their skill and competence on the bike. I will guide you on the fundamental road cycling techniques for beginners to kick-start your dream. 

Get your e-bike or traditional bicycle ready. It will be easy, so please relax and enjoy the ride!

Technique 1: Check for bike safety

The first step is to learn how to stay safe while riding. Safety measures include wearing the right gear for cycling. 

It is imperative to wear the correct apparel. Always fit a helmet before starting any technical training to avoid injuries relating to cycling.

The bike should get checked for mechanical faults. It is not safe to ride a bicycle that shows safety hazards like a loose derailleur right from the home garage. 

Check to ensure all moving parts are lubricated. 

Immobile components should stay tightly fixed.

Technique 2: Positioning Yourself on the Bike

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A road cycling trip does not mean much if the rider is uncomfortable. Your saddle height and pedal reach are crucial. Ensure the handlebar horizontal and vertical adjustments leave you most comfortable.

The position adapted should leverage you to handle any terrain. I recommend loose handling because you have optimum response capabilities at this stance. 

When held up, your eyes should comfortably see the road beyond, and calculating the next move becomes easy.

Technique 3: Start Slow and Graduate to Speed Biking

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It is common to yearn to start fast on the bike. Fast speeds come after many sessions of training. Beginners get tempted to cycle hard and fast from the onset, but this may lead to cycling injuries.

The best way to attain cycling techniques is to go slow and steady before learning the art of speed biking. It helps you gain confidence and the necessary skills needed for fast cycling. 

Making an emergency stop or taking a turn is precarious with beginners who start fast.

Technique 4: Pedalling Techniques

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I recommend beginners to pedal with their feet held flat all the time. If you begin pushing on the opposite pedal before reaching the top of the arc, more power will go to the crank system. 

The push session of pedalling delivers the highest torque, and I advise you to learn the push/ pull balance as a beginner.

Slacken the pedals before moving out of one gear into another. Change transmission cogs early enough to reduce the grind and unnecessary load on the chain. Early shifting diminishes the chance of the chain popping, ineffective shifts, and it helps maintain momentum.

The number of pedal revolutions per minute should remain at an average of 80-100 rotations. You should train yourself with different cadences to establish what works best for you. Practice on pedal rotations keeps your performance optimal.

Technique 5: Hand Positions

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The positioning of hands directly relates to the rider’s comfort. I recommend shifting the position of your hands often enough. Your hands and posture determine the aerodynamics and breathing patterns for an efficient cycling experience.

Hand positioning necessitates power delivery and handling. Safety measures such as wrapping the thumbs while riding on the flat sections of handlebars increase the grip. You stop an accident before its time.

My Final Take

Basic road cycling techniques enable a beginner to ride in a straight path, execute precision turns with maximum control, and make a stop when necessary. Shifting gears and pedalling techniques are crucial cycling techniques. Alongside these techniques, eat and hydrate properly to reduce exhaustion.

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